CRM: Customer Relationship Management

Touted as the next generation of marketing platforms, iPLAss is composed of the development framework and several functions for B2C business. Besides featuring a development framework “iPLAss Framework”, which guarantees flexibility, it also offers ready to use B2C modules which come with comprehensive functionality, including cost reduction and short implementation period capabilities.

Features & Benefits
Short Implementation Period, Flexible to Requirements
• By using iPLAss Framework, DB structure, Background site construction can be attained without coding. Fast and efficient development can be achieved.
• By the way of no coding, system can be modified more flexibly when business changes.

Rich Function Group, High Versatility
• Membership, Sales, Approval, etc. API provides necessary functions to BtoC business.
• On premise and On Cloud are available for your most suitable environment.
• Multi-Tenant compatible makes Platform Service possible.

Achieve BigData in CRM
• Supports CRM through existing Membership, Web Questionnaires, Campaign Management, Recommend, etc. function groups.
• Act as an analysis tool to enable simple BI. No need to implement extra BI tool to realize one single system for CRM.
• Hyper Speed Engine (Hadoop) attains Big Data Analysis.
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