Mendix in Manufacturing
Realities of Manufacturing IT landscape 

          Business Units and plants with heavily customized systems are bought and sold all the time making the IT landscape in the same
                 organization even more heterogenous
                 > High costs of traditional software & integration projects
          Plants have many single site solutions or systems that are difficult to integrate with
                 > Fragmented tools, data and pockets of development
           Smaller processes are often not even attempted to be covered by an IT solution because the path to getting one is so far or even unclear
                 > Manufacturers still have many processes that run on Excel or Paper, which are poorly tracked and open to mistakes
The Power of Low-Code in Product Development and Engineering provides a detailed breakdown of how a low-code application development
platform can better equip your PLM solution to: 
  • Accelerate the planning, development, and delivery of innovative products.
  • Provide a digital backbone that connects people across your value chain.
  • Help you automate and streamline product lifecycle processes.

Mendix for Manufacturing Industries

“Mendix for Manufacturing Industries is an ecosystem that verticalizes our Platform,” says Raffaello Lepratti, Vice President of Mendix for Manufacturing Industries.
“The idea is to make our technology more accessible and tangible for manufacturing-specific industries.”

Exclusively curated for manufacturers, Mendix for Manufacturing Industries includes domain-specific tools and components to better support makers throughout
the application development lifecycle. The following tools are available in Mendix Marketplace:
  • App services: Share functionality between your Mendix apps. App services for manufacturers include a 3D Viewer, MindSphere IIoT for Makers, and more.
  • Templates: Start building your applications with our library of templates, including blank mobile and web apps, Smart Warehousing for inventory management, and an augmented reality starter app.
  • Widgets: Customize your Mendix apps with configurable single user-interface elements, such as our rich text editor.
  • Solutions: A collection of pre-built applications, including a Workplace Manager to facilitate COVID-19 capacity restrictions and a Marine Issue Manager to keep track of issues when on board.
  • Modules: Add our manufacturing modules to your app to create new functionality with accompanying domain models and security options. Examples include Mendix Application Performance Diagnostics and Bizzomate Progress Monitor.
  • Connectors: Integrate your Mendix apps with other systems. Connectors include Database Connector, Salesforce Connector, IBM Watson Connector Suite, and more.

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