Teamcenter Visualization

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Teamcenter Visualization

Teamcenter Vismockup

By Sorawit Tangjai – Application Engineer, ISID South East Asia

Teamcenter Visualization is an intuitive and easy-to-use solution or tool that enables enterprise users to access 2D and 3D CAD documents in a single environment and in real-time to view, detect and solve design issues early in your product lifecycle.

Talking about why you should start using TC Vismockup. There are great benefits of using this tool for instance this tool is enabling knowledge users to visualize and leverage product data in standard 2D and 3D format even when this data was created using different authoring software, and enabling your entire enterprise to share data without incurring cost, time and resource overhead associated with CAD systems and heavyweight CAD files

6 Key Topics that I am going to introduce you today are provided below:

Compare 2D with indication Compare 3D

Measure Parts
      Bounding box


      Diameter & Radius

      Area, Volume, and Mass

Generate/Regenerate (Edit) Measurement Report


Create 3D Section Report

      Export file from NX to be view in Visualization Mockup





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