Every machine and system in your business provides a wealth of data with insights and benefits yet to be fully realized. Using MindSphere enables you to transform this data into productive business results.



By connecting your machines and physical infrastructure to the digital world, MindSphere provides powerful industrial applications with advanced analytics and digital services to unleash increased productivity and efficiency across your entire business. MindSphere is the Internet of Things (IoT) operating system built as a secure and scalable industrial end-to-end solution for everything from connecting products, plants, systems and machines to unlocking your IoT data potential.

What is MindSphere?

With MindSphere …
You can evolution of architectures resulting in increased productivity

MindSphere offers you:
• Easy and integrated connectivity as key differentiator

MindSphere APIs – scalable application and connectivity development

Data-driven services based on MindSphere enable new business

Closed-Loop Digital Twin with MindSphere

Collect live performance data from production lines as well as from connected products to create a fully functional, closed-loop digital twin.

MindSphere with Industrial IoT …

Industrial IoT as a Service:
Enable global access of cloud-based applications and solutions that quickly scale, expand, and integrate based on business needs.

Industrial IoT Solutions Fast:
Access industrial-based applications to get immediate value from the wealth of data collected from the Internet of Things.

Industrial IoT Data in Context:
Access new insights by combining and analyzing IoT data with information from PLM, CRM, ERP, SCM, SLM, and MES systems.

Integrated Edge to Cloud:
Perform advanced streaming analytics at the edge or in the cloud to fast-track insights for critical and non-critical processes.

Global Partner Ecosystem:
Leverage a diverse global partner ecosystem and Siemens’ domain expertise across industries to transform Internet of Things (IoT) data into actionable insights.



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