NX Progressive Die Wizard

The fastest and most complete progressive die design process
NX Progressive Die Wizard maximizes productivity through intelligent automation of industry-specific processes. Beginning with the receipt of the customer’s sheet metal design, NX Progressive Die Wizard guides the user through all of the stages required to construct a progressive die, streamlining complex processes and automating tedious tasks for remarkable time savings.

Progressive Die Wizard functions for blank creation, blank layout, scrap design, and strip layout support a range of progressive die designs including multiple sheet metal parts, multiple rows, multiple strip layouts, and custom strip layouts.
• A complete solution
• Highly automated tool design
• Maximizing productivity
• Based on the premier foundation
• Delivering business efficiency
• Working with other systems
Key features in NX Progressive Die Wizard:
• Die design project initialization
• Automated sheet metal feature recognition
• Blank shape generator, includes formed shapes
• Blank layout
• Scrap design
• Strip layout and 3D operation simulation
• Force center calculation
• Die base design
• Die preference setting
• Punch/die insert design
• Standard part library
• Relief design
• Pocket creation
• BOM output
• Assembly drawing creation
• View manager
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