Process Simulate

Process Simulate is a robotics and automation programming solutions that enable work in both data-managed and file-based environments for the development of robotic and automated production systems. These tools address multiple levels of robot simulation and workstation development, from single-robot stations to complete production lines and zones.


The increased complexity of products and manufacturing processes presents world-class manufacturers with “time-to-market” and asset optimization challenges. Manufacturing engineering teams are expected to enable flawless new product launches and adhere to cost, quality and start-of-production targets. To meet these challenges, leading manufacturers leverage their organizational knowledge and the availability of 3D models of products and resources to virtually validate their manufacturing processes upfront. With new evolving technology, thousands of validation experiments can be conducted efficiently and almost automatically to ensure upfront production optimization.
Process Simulate facilitates the design and validation of manufacturing processes in a 3D dynamic environment. Process Simulate is fully integrated with the manufacturing backbone, thus enabling manufacturing engineers to re-use, author and validate manufacturing processes. Process Simulate provides an advanced 3D environment capable of emulating realistic behavior of manufacturing processes and optimization of cycle times and process sequence. Process Simulate facilitates simulation of assembly processes, human operations and mechanical procedures of tools, devices, and robots. Process Simulate is highly scalable, providing various engineering disciplines with the data and toolset to examine detailed processes and verify them in different phases and perspectives.
• Reduce cost of change with early detection and communication of product design issues
• Reduce number of physical prototypes with upfront virtual validation
• Optimize cycle times through simulation
• Ensure ergonomically safe processes
• Reduce cost by re-using standard tools and facilities
• Minimize productions risk by simulating several manufacturing scenarios
• Early validation of the mechanical and electrical integrated production processes (PLC and robotics)
• Early validation of production commissioning in a virtual environment
• Increase process quality by emulating realistic processes throughout the process lifecycle



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