Realizing innovation with 3D simulation

Simcenter 3D is the software from Siemens Digital Industries Software that addresses complex product engineering processes by delivering revolutionary improvements in simulation efficiency. With advanced capability 3D simulation technologies and a comprehensive range of CAE applications, Simcenter 3D offers new methods that increase realism and deliver better insight into your product’s performance.

NX Design Simulation: Static Analysis, Modal analysis, Buckling analysis

Simcenter 3D Structural: Static Analysis, Modal analysis, Buckling analysis, Nonlinear analysis

Simcenter 3D Response Dynamics: Dynamic analysis

Simcenter 3D Thermal: Thermal analysis

Simcenter 3D Flow: Flow analysis

• Dramatically reduce modeling time by tightly integrating a powerful geometry engine within a robust analysis environment.
• Enable quick analysis of design iterations by implementing an associative simulation process.
• Deploy an easy-to-learn common platform that lets all analysts and specialists prepare solver-specific models and perform application-specific post-processing.
• Leverage world-class functionality for effective modeling of composite structures.

Video clip: [Simcenter] SimRod Series - Structural Dynamics Engineering - YouTube



Driving More Design with Simulation

HyperWorks provides easy-to-learn, effective workflows that leverage domain knowledge and increase team productivity, enabling the efficient development of today’s increasingly complex and connected products.

The new HyperWorks experience was created to free engineers to move from physics to physics, domain to domain, and even create reports without ever leaving their model. Create, explore and optimize designs within HyperWorks to produce robust designs that accurately model structures, mechanisms, fluids, electromagnetics, electrical, embedded software, systems design and manufacturing processes.

The solution specific workflows enhance a growing number of engineering processes including fatigue analysis, concept design optimization, CFD modeling, and design exploration. Each provides a meticulously designed and intuitive user interface, differentiated for each user profile, while remaining consistent and easy-to-learn.

Intuitive direct modeling for geometry creation and editing, mid-surface extraction, surface and midmeshing, and mesh quality correction, combined with efficient assembly management provide all the capabilities required for fast, accurate model creation and evaluation of design alternatives and product variants in less time.

HyperWorks offers a complete environment to visualize, query and process results data. It gives access to a wide range of CAE data formats, including video files and images, enabling full post-processing and data analysis with advanced table and curve plotting up to 3D visualization of complex simulation and photo-realistic rendering. Furthermore, it enables user to share and customize working sessions though flexible templates and reporting infrastructure.

Benefit : 
· Complete environment to visualize, query and process results data.
· gives access to a wide range of CAE data formats
Video clip: 10 Reasons to use Altair HyperWorks™ - YouTube

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