Mold Planner

A top-notch Japan Quality Plastic Mold Design Tool comes with easy
and smart technology accelerates in the mold design process

• Supports the specific words and design procedure for mold design and provide easy-to-use environment for designers

• For it is a mold application which uniquely develop in-house by DENTSU SOKEN (THAILAND) LIMITED.
• There are a lot of automation promotion commands for improving the efficiency of mold design.

Data validation function
- Smart shape recognition function detection of undercut, cavity and core shape
- Rich 3D model verification functions such as taper angle and face curvature
- Thickness analyzing function
Detail design feature
• Ejector pin hole/cooling hole depth automatic design feature
• Construction of mold unit incorporated with a design intent 
• User registration features are easy to be built and edited by cooperation with excel
• Interference checking function
• Part list and purchase order function
Mold conceptual design
• Animated projecting concept layout design by watching the mold-releasing 
• Cooling conceptual design of one stroke sketch scene
• Concept layout of 2D sense
• Easy parting line design
• Runner design feature
• Designers attempt mistakes support function
Mold draft function
• Ability to create title block from part attribute
• Create movable side assembly drawings, fixed side assembly drawings by one click
• Increase work efficiency and decrease process time with quick drawing templates
• Automated creation function of hole coordinates
• Tolerance drawing function
• Automatic symbol placement function
Parting nest creation function
• Automated parting surface function
• Continuous filling surface function
• Cabinet core auto split function
• Various commands group needed to split the nest
• Core pins creation function
• External flange function of nest
Electrode creation function
• Automated detection function of electrode position by recognizing possible range to cut by right tool diameter and tool length
• Function to create electrode shape which corresponds to the oscillation type angle and circle
• “EPX format” which is recommended by Die & Mold Industry Association Version 2 output function
Standard parts library
• Provide a catalog library from reputative manufacturers of mold. Ex: Misumi, Futaba, etc.
• Rich of the template library
• Registration function for company standard
Data exchange downstream
• Automatic creation of drilling data
• Data synchronize with NX/CAM
• Data linkage to the inspection department
• Data reuse for analysis tools



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