ISID South Asia is proudly presenting you Siemens product – Capital Solution.


ISID South Asia is proudly presenting you Siemens product – Capital Solution.

By Sorawit Tangjai – Application Engineer, ISID South East Asia

Capital is an all-inclusive program suite that empowers the designing of electrical frameworks covering huge stages such as cars, aircrafts, and modern complex machines, especially an upcoming new industry, Electric Vehicle (EV). These stages have significant complexity for expanding in electronic substances and devices, which are dependent upon complex electrical conveyance frameworks to operate. Patterns such as powertrain electrification, functionality of electronic, devices, battery, and expanded to electric vehicle independence escalating these challenges driving companies to utilize Capital to overcome them.

Whatever solution you are looking for to help you get into EV business, ISID has it all, Capital Solution is your answer, to serve all your needs in a new era.

To be more clear about Capital Solution, this solution is in an electrical systems network design and harness software part, starting from ideation stage of Define and Design, moving to realization stage of Produce, then utilization stage of Maintain, and last stage is to Manage these process flow.

Two modules from Capital that must have which would accelerate your company workflow and increase productivity to make you effortlessly ready for any electrical system design processes that may suddenly change are Capital Logic and Capital Harness.

Capital Logic is one of Capital Solution modules that supports in wiring schematic or wiring drawing/diagram. This schematic tool is used for a powerful graphical and design process management environment for both logical connectivity designs (signal) & physical wiring design (wires, splices, multicore, etc.). Traditionally, the way of designing a wiring diagram will consume a lot of time and effort since the user has to do it manually by connecting each wire to needed connectors or devices. Whenever the system gets more complex and becomes a large system, there is no solids tool for a user to be able to analyze the correction of; circuit flow, wiring name and number, appropriate distancing and length, part number, etc. Moreover, an enormous circuit diagram with a regular tool would be limited by the working page size. Another great advantage is that Capital Logic can sync and share the logical data of wiring diagrams into MCAD software, such as NX, CATIA, SolidWorks, and ProE in which will be later used to create Harness Diagram and Bill of Material.

Capital Harness is another module from Capital Solution that will be used to tailor harness design or harness drawing. Capital Harness is an automated harness engineering tool that supports harness makers for manufacturing with automated adding harness components to fully create BOM. Capital Harness has engineering functions to calculate such as wire length, diameters, optimized splice position, tapping quantities, and harness weight in real-time integration with MCAD for data exchange. Usually, the traditional style of creating a harness diagram would lack detail and function, by the time of creating each harness individually to map with the 3D CAD and adding component information to create BOM would be time-consuming. Accuracy of information would be distorted by human errors when dealing with large information and may create inevitable problems in a production which will cost money. provide fast and accurate material assignation to production modules, improve efficiency with the operator and reduce assembly errors, no more rework and reduce manufacturing cost.

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