How can "CAE" improve physical test?


How can "CAE" improve physical test?

What is CAE?

CAE is computer-aided engineering which is tool to solve engineering problem using simulation software and to answer following questions,

Will it break?
How long will it last?
Does it get too hot?
Is it noisy?
Is the motor the right size for the load?
Can I control it?
Will it print in the right shape?

So, how can “CAE” improve physical test?

Crash Test

Reference photo: Crash Test (Sep 12, 2019)

In the past, the process of creating new phototype they spent time up 80% for design and test. If the analysis still does not achieve the requirements, User must go back to design phase again. This’s takes too long and costly. Today, CAE can finish this loop by simulation on computer with 3 steps. There are Pre-processing, Solve and Post-Processing.

Reference photo: 

Pre-Processing: Start with import CAD/Geometry. In the CAE process, the complex geometry must be divided into small elements. We're called this "Meshing". Every small element included nodes, every node included the equation of physics here. So, that's how CAE can provide us with the answers!!!!! For setup environment before simulation, User need to define properties, material and apply load and boundary.

Solving processing: User need to select the right solver for analysis. For example, structure analysis, natural frequency analysis, vibration analysis, motion analysis, fluid analysis, heat transfer analysis, etc.

Reference photo:

Advantages of CAE

Simulation has reduced the need for physical prototypes and reduced the days of iterative cycles of the past.  This has greatly reduced development costs and has also sped up development processes.  Use of simulation delivers benefits including the ability to design, better products, performance, accelerate innovation and achieve greater productivity be it at the teams.

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